Stitching together remembrances

Today some slightly different stitching on a big communal project.

Off to the Henderson RSA with a old friend to work on the 5000 Poppies project.

We stitched hundreds of knitted, stitched, crocheted red poppies onto a three-metre banner which will be part of several WW100 exhibitions and commemorative events over the next year.

Hundreds of people all over the country have been making poppies for this project, it felt great to be part of that big group working together to honour our history and make sure we learn from it. Find out more here: 

Among the many laughs on this happy day, also some poignant moments as we read the individual commemorations that accompanied some flowers.

They shall grow not old as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning...

...we shall remember them.


Blogjune comes to a close. Thanks Con!  I think this year I managed to post almost every day - and I think most of them were worth reading.  Its not over - I like routine and have a few drafts in the holding pattern.

Here's another of my sillier routines - the Bed Head Project. Selfies when the sleeping hairstyle is especially good. It does you good to laugh! And to sing, don't forget that invitation.

Working small for a change

Today I picked up scraps and made some little quilts. Postcard sized.

What a change and relief from the recent giants!  Working at small scale is quick and easy. Everything fits in the hand, holds together without pins and doesn't need special engineering support to get through the sewing machine.

Of course they don't have quite the same impact and they wouldn't keep much of you warm. But great to freshen up with a change, use some scraps and to try out some new ideas.

They also serve who only stand and puff

Sometimes my role as Fairy Godmother includes being a stand-in Gymnnastics Mom.  It's a highly specialised form of sideline athlete. 

Today's challenge involved cardio-vascular fitness, aesthetic sensibility and marshalling tiny gymnast-siblings into a production line.

Yes - the moms and tinies prepped the practice gym for tomorrow's junior competition. My favourite bit: the balloon walk!